Tips to get a free airline upgrade

Free Upgrade
Free Upgrade

Flying on a plane is an experience that might often make you want to get an upgrade. However, an upgrade can be expensive. Instead of having to put yourself into debt or reach into your savings account to get the upgrade that you want, consider these approaches to scoring one for free.

Check Your Credit Card Rewards

If you hastily booked your tickets, you might have forgotten to check out your credit card rewards. Many credit cards offer rewards points that you can use toward airline. If you still have the option to edit your purchase, see what you have available on your credit card. You might just be able to score first-class tickets without spending a dime. When you’re interested in getting better plane tickets in the future, you can sign up for a credit card that offers rewards geared toward travelers.

Register for a Rewards Program

Some airlines also have their own rewards programs. For example, if you consistently travel on the same airline, you should find out if a rewards card is available. Each time that you fly on that line, you can earn points. While this method might not qualify you for a free upgrade right now, you are preparing for future rides.

Ask for an Upgrade

When people want upgrades on their rides, they often try to resort to surreptitious means to do so because they are afraid to just ask. On the day of your flight, you never know if people cancelled their flight plans just moments before you arrived. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to ask. You might be surprised and learn that a seat in your desired spot is available.

Don’t Travel in a Big Group

If you consider the situation from a logical standpoint, you’ll likely recognize that you are more likely to get an upgrade if you are traveling with fewer people. In other words, asking the airline for an upgrade for a group of five people is likely not going to be that successful. The airline is more likely to have openings for fewer people. In the event that you don’t mind traveling by yourself, this method might be the best one for getting an upgrade on your flight.

Look for Deals

When you have a trip already planned, this method might not work. However, in the event that you’re just waiting for best deal, you can track airline prices and upgrades. The thought of having to scan through websites each day to see the prices might sound annoying, but you don’t have to go through that process. Instead, download apps to your phone so that you can quickly and seamlessly check for free upgrades.

Choose off Times

Remember that you probably aren’t the only person who is looking to get a free upgrade on the plan. Therefore, when you have more competition, the odds that you will get an upgrade are lower. If you are interested in potentially getting a free upgrade on your flight, try to book for a time that isn’t as popular. While a late afternoon flight on a Friday may decrease your chances that you can get an upgrade for free, opting for a red-eye on a weekday may improve them. Knowing what the popular flights are to and from your destination can help you to make a plan.

You might scoff at the idea that it’s even possible to get anything for free these days. While obtaining a free upgrade for a plane ride is not exactly the easiest task, it isn’t necessarily a terribly burdensome journey either.


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