Love at first sight – Is that even realistic?

Is there such a thing as instant love or love at first sight? Can a person really fall for another just by a chance encounter and looking deep into their eyes? The internet is full of stories of couples that fall head-over-heels for each other the first time they meet, and they live happily ever after.

The promise of finding the same type of connection that is depicted in these fairy tales ignites hope in those still searching for their life partner. Perhaps, those looking will one day experience this phenomenon and will one day be struck by Cupid’s arrow. However, you must asked yourself if this is more hype, or if there really is something to an instant attraction?

Soul-Level Familiarity

Some say that everyone has a soul mate, a missing piece, and “the one” that they will be with for eternity. The innermost parts of a man seeks completion by another. The alchemy between souls is a connection that is undefinable. It is like meeting a person and feeling like they have always been a part of your life.

Some call this connection soul-level familiarity because it is almost as if the souls communicate in these chance encounters. It is hard to explain, but this familiarity is something that just happens, but it does not happen for everyone couple. Time and chance have a lot to do with these meetings.

Friends Make The Best Lovers

While love, at first sight, happens for many, the soul connection does not always occur right away. Some people begin their relationship with no physical attraction. It can start with the smallest things and build into a blossoming relationship. Friendship is the cornerstone of all unions. You must have common ground.

Personal compatibility is more important than a chance encounter. While the internet broadcasts all the stories of success and love at first sight, they skimp over the couples that take years to build a solid foundation. It is not the enchanted story that everyone wants, but it is the happy ending that matters most.

Learning to Use Your Intuitive Side

We are all immensely intuitive by nature. You may be looking for a sign or replay interactions in your mind based on stories you have heard. However, not all romances start the same. What about people that meet online? Even at great distances, your body can sense things. Using pheromones and a cacophony of sounds, you can feel a connection that tells you to keep going, or you will know to end it right away.

Love is an unstoppable force of nature. Whether it is your first, second, or even fifth romance does not matter. It all comes with the same feelings that make a man feel like he is 20 years younger and king of the world. Whether you and your soul mate connected and magnetized with each other right away or it took you five years to realize that love was right in front of your eyes, it is a journey that is personal to all.

Finding Love Where You Are

Is love, at first sight, a real thing? Yes, and it happens all the time. When you feel that magnetization between you and another person, do not be afraid to nurture that feeling and pursue it. The greatest of things can start with chance encounters. However, if your relationship does not begin this way, it does not make it any less magical. The key is finding that person you want to be with for life. How you find each other is just a technicality.

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