Berlin What Makes The City So Special?

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Though there are many European cities that are popular tourist destinations, none are hotter right now than Berlin. The nightlife alone is enough to get most people to visit, if not live there for awhile. Pair that with the ease of accessing public transit and loads of other conveniences and you will see why Berlin is now the premiere destination in Europe.

Beer Costs Less…Than Water

There aren’t too many places you can visit where beer will actually cost you less cash than water. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about life in Berlin, nothing will. To say it is an affordable place to cut loose and really live your life might be one of the truest statements ever made.

Berlin Never Sleeps Through The Weekends

Seeing as how it’s a hotbed of action it only makes sense that the trains in Berlin make getting from point A to point B a piece of cake. Usually on time and efficient, the trains run when needed during the week and go all night each weekend. You can explore everything Berlin has to offer without needing to drive anywhere.

Start Ups Are All The Rage

If you are self-employed in almost any field you will likely find success in Berlin. The city is made for entrepreneurs, in both a work sense and a play sense. Start-ups are the norm in Berlin, whether you want to launch your own or get in on someone else’s. The city is a place where many creative types thrive every day. Its numerous co-working spaces make networking and collaborating with other professionals easy and convenient.

Berlin Metro
Berlin Metro

The World’s “Most Fun” City

Dubbed by Telegraph Magazine the world’s “most fun” city, Berlin has more than earned the title. One of the hottest trends there right now is electronic music. The focus placed on this genre goes a long way in explaining the appeal of Berlin. Going along with this, nightclubs are an all-weekend affair. Where those in other cities close during the day, Berlin’s nightclubs stay open continuously from Friday night to Monday morning. You won’t find them in the typical locations either. Don’t be surprised to see a nightclub housed in an industrial building that otherwise may never have been used again. Unoccupied cellars are also a place where Berlin nightclubs are commonly found.

For some calmer activities, consider strolling through any of the city’s parks. You may even stumble across an opportunity to participate in an outdoor karaoke session on the spot. Or you may be more interested in checking out any of the city’s amusement parks that have long been abandoned. Berlin is full of activities you can do that aren’t typically done anywhere else. You can even stand on the Tempelhof Airport runway and launch a kite. The possibilities in Berlin are endless.

Berlin Worldclock
Berlin Worldclock

Work Hard, Play Hard

While visiting Berlin is a great experience, living there can be even more liberating. If you like to work hard and play hard, Berlin is the city for you. It’s workers get a guaranteed four weeks of vacation every year. This paid time off can not only keep you motivated the rest of the year, it provides you with the funds you need to make sure your life is equal parts work and play. When you are working, you’ll never be forced to exceed 40 hours in any given week. In addition, you can’t be contacted by your employer outside of work hours unless it’s under extreme circumstances. All of this adds up to a life where you can enjoy your working hours as much as your non-working hours.

Easy Getaways

When you choose to live in Berlin, you are putting yourself in a position to be able to travel at your convenience. Not only are you a short flight from cities such as Copenhagen and Barcelona, airfare can be extremely affordable. Ironically, when you live in Berlin you may be having so much fun that you have no desire to stray.


Only you can decide what exactly will make Berlin special to you. The city has so much to offer that you may end up visiting and never wanting to go home.

Berlin Skyline
Berlin Skyline

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